Stand for Trees

Chris Packham & XR
in Denham


Through the woods (& mud) in the Colne Valley Park

The Route

(Part of) the route through the park. Pink shading indicates areas 'potentially required for Construction'. Map from the original Environmental Statement (Map Book 7, Volume 2, CFA7)

Why ?

It appears that the land take south of the Chiltern Line is needed to reroute the power line, which currently crosses Harefield Lake (and the proposed viaduct) near HOAC. The new route, shown in red on the map, crosses the line to the east of the main Viaduct compound. See the December forward look (p6 and map 2) for details, and the works schedule.

National Grid will surely proceed with the same sensitive care for the environment as they have already shown at Great Missenden.


Around 1,300 people from all over the country turned out in Denham Country park on Sunday morning in order to join BBC’s Chris Packham and campaigners to Stand for the Trees and take a walk for Wildlife and Water. (Bucks Herald)

The day was aimed at highlighting the fact that despite the fact there is currently a review of HS2 which could lead to the project being cancelled, the destruction continues unabated, not just around the Colne Valley, but along the entire 140 miles of Phase 1. The route meant walkers could see first hand the destruction that has already happened and the even more devastating loss of wildlife and habitats that would happen should HS2 go ahead. The event also highlighted the fact that HS2 potentially endangers the water supply of some 3.2 Million Affinity Water Customers and there has still been no published assessment of this risk. (Stop HS2)

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Chris tries to sell some train sets -
to you, £100Bn

Mark Kier and the Red Rebels, at the ford