Complaint to the Ombudsman

... we are aware there are various behaviours that HS2 Ltd are displaying in their property purchasing activities that could be described as “maladministration”.

For example:

·         Late payment of compensation

·         Entering properties to carry out surveys without informing owners and residents beforehand

·         Inappropriate of use of section 16 powers

·         Entering properties with the proper legal paperwork

·         Misinformation about the Compensation Code

·         Bullying HS2 staff and agents threatening impossibly expensive Land Tribunal process without proper consideration of the evidence, proper negotiation or use of ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

·         Threatening of, and none\late payment of agent’s fees

·         Contradictory and inconsistent communication

·         Generally blighting people’s lives and wellbeing through incompetence and maladministration

·         Undue haggling about values without proper evidence being produced