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Put on your Green tinted specs, its the Environmental Sustainability report -

April 2020-March 2021. 9 months to make it look halfway presentable ? Obviously, its all going really well, the badgers are really pleased to leave their smelly old setts for HS2. Bats - 2 mentions, Green Bridges - none (we forgot to build any ...) Jones Hill Wood ? see p20

and an Environmental Policy statement -

Objectives - Green Corridor
Create a resilient green corridor for both nature and people, that will conserve and enhance habitats, seek to achieve biodiversity gains through partnership working while designing mitigation to integrate into the character of the landscape
while dividing habitats in half from London to Birmingham

Community Experience Where reasonably practicable, minimise adverse impacts of HS2 construction and operation on people and the environment ... i.e. only when it doesn't cost us


Integrated Stations ?

...what steps his Department is taking to ensure HS2 stations are closely integrated within existing transport infrastructure (Sarah Green MP)
Work continues to ensure that HS2 stations across all phases are effectively integrated, through engagement with key partners (Rocket Man) (but without necessarily positioning the stations anywhere convenient)


A happy and uneventful new year to you all -

- where reasonably practical.

- except Boris

'I hereby formally request you as Prime Minister to investigate my complaints [regarding a potential breach of the Ministerial Code - nothing to do with parties] in an independent manner... (Tony Berkeley)

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