Compensation & Safeguarding
Consultation - 2013

What is it ?

HS2 Ltd have put forward proposals for compensating homeowners whose properties will be adversely affected by the new line, if it is built, and are consulting the public to see if these proposals are perceived to be fair.

Under these proposals, only a few thousand of the 170000 home owners who will suffered serious losses will receive any compensation, and many of these will have to wait until the first year of HS2 operation to receive anything at all. This is grossly unfair to people who will be unable to move house for the next 15 years, unless able to provide evidence of hardship.

Why You should take part

Although at first sight, it may seem that compensation is an issue ‘only’ for homeowners within a mile or so of the track, it is important to the campaign against HS2 that there is a widespread and strong response to the consultation –

  1. The principle of fair treatment is one that everyone should support
  2. The business case for HS2 worsens, if losses from property blight are properly compensated
  3. The cost differential for constructing a tunnel ( under the Chilterns ) will also be reduced
  4. A strong response shows that the campaign against HS2 is still very active.

But that was ages ago ?

The consultation which took place at the time of the initial consultation on the route ( as ignored by Justine Greening ) was found to be 'so unfair as to be unlawful' - so HS2 have to rerun it. Deadline this time around is 4th Dec 2013

What to say ?

See this document for a discussion of the proposals and comments on the questions, & this blog for a detailed examination of the proposals.

Property Bond

HS2 Action groups recommend the Property Bond proposal as a more equitable alternative