A413 & LTMP - FoI requests

In mid-2020, EKFB decided that the A4010 would no longer be used as an HGV route. Consequently, all HGV traffic between Stoke Mandeville and Amersham Vent Shaft will now use the A413-A355 route to M40 Jn 2. This was done without prior consultation or community engagement, and 'announced' (or disclosed) in the AONB review group minutes for September 2020.


A report on the impact on A413 traffic was withheld - work in progress. A request for community engagement events at which communities were informed (Q4), produced a list of all recent community engagements. HS2 have been asked to answer the question in the FOI request (2-Mar-21). Watch this space ...

A complaint

"Dear HS2 -
       Thank you for responding to FOI-20-3969. However, the response to question 4 is inaccurate - I asked for a list of community engagement activities at which communities were informed of the decision (to abandon the A4010 route), not for a list of all engagement activities. I was present at the Amersham Action Group / ATC meetings listed, and no reference was made to this change.
      It is my understanding that the route change was first made public via the September AONB review group minutes (section 9.1), and that the first engagement event to discuss the change was at the Missendens meeting on 11-Jan-21, at the request of the parishes. Would you confirm that this is the case, or else list up to 5 previous meetings at which the change was announced or discussed, with supporting evidence (minutes, or slides shown

This appears to have presented HS2 with a problem, as they have notified an extension of the response time to 29th April. Its hard to find something that doesn't exist ?