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Chilterns Petitions

Exhibits submitted by the promoter (for September sessions) -
see also Additional Provisions 2

Petition Response (from HS2), 7-Jul-2015

HS2 have replied to our petitions, with the following documents

A guide for petitioners
Describing the mechanics of presenting a petition to the committee
Covering Letter
From HS2s agent - regarding our planned appearance (in September), and details of the procedures for presenting a petition
Letter from the Chairman
(of the HS2 committee) regarding presentation of Tunnel related petitions in July, and recommendations on grouping similar petitions for September sessions
Response to Chilterns Petitioners
This the (lengthy - 124 page) response to our petitions.
Extended Tunnel Proposals
Map showing the extent of various proposed tunnels
Cost comparisons
Of the various tunnel options. These figures (from HS2) may be disputed by the petitioners.
Chilterns Tunnel petitioners (map)
They know where we live !
Showing the route through the AONB - nothing new to see here

Petition response, 14-Jun-2014


Information Papers

Welcome to the wonderful world of HS2. A sugar coated version of HS2 construction & operating processes, which will lay to rest the worst fears of any petitioner (where reasonably practicable ...)


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