The Oakervee Review

Leaks ??

  • There are reports that the HS2 high speed rail link to Leeds and Sheffield could be cut to save over £10 billion. (ITV)

Hows it Going ?

Its a sham -

Mr Lidington warned that if works, like the ones that began in Steeple Claydon this week, are allowed to continue constituents and the general public will believe that the entire review is a sham.

The Sunday Telegraph has today reported about the Douglas Oakervee review into HS2. The article says: 
“It comes amid growing disquiet among members of the panel itself about the handling of the review, including that it had so far failed to examine the overall costs of the scheme, despite reaching its half way point.”

It continues:
“Sources close to members of the 10-strong inquiry team said some were "unhappy and disappointed" about the progress of the inquiry,”

“One source said: "I've talked to several members of the panel and they are pretty unhappy. The meetings are unstructured and they take a very long time.””

“But one source claimed some members of the panel were "desperate" to avoid the scheme being cancelled.”

As you will be aware, this really is our last chance to get HS2 cancelled. If the review is not being run well, then surely it makes sense for Mr Oakervee, a former chairman of HS2 Ltd, to be asked to stand down? After all it can hardly be claimed that he is independent. The Deputy Chair of the review panel is Lord Berkeley who for several years has shown he well understands the issues associated with HS2. 

The review panel does not appear to be fully addressing the terms of reference which were set out for it.

Please write to Grant Shapps   shappsg@parliament.uk (and copy to your MP )  now, requesting that Lord Berkeley takes over the lead role of the HS2 review so that it may operate effectively in the remaining time available.




What took you so long ?

The Prime Minister has stated his wish to review “whether and how we proceed” with HS2 ahead of the ‘Notice to Proceed’ decision for Phase 1 (London-West Midlands) due by the end of 2019. The "terms of reference" may be found here.

'Preparatory Works' continue during the review process - despite protests from the Woodland Trust.

On the down side, Oakervee is a past chair of HS2, but on the other hand, Tony Berkley (Vice Chair) is a persistent critic. Let battle commence !

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Pause Construction until the Review is completed

A Woodland Trust Campaign, supported by Politics Home

Chiltern Society

A letter to the Chairman

Written Statement - Grant Shapps (3-9-19)

"The recently appointed Chairman of HS2 Ltd, Allan Cook, provided his advice to me on the cost and deliverability of the current scheme shortly after my appointment as Transport Secretary – and I want the House to have the full details at the earliest opportunity. ... I have today placed a copy of the advice in the Libraries of both Houses. This has only been redacted where commercially necessary, and the Oakervee Review panel will of course see the report in full.

Colleagues will see that the Chairman of HS2 does not believe that the current scheme design can be delivered within the budget of £55.7 billion, set in 2015 prices. Instead he estimates that the current scheme requires a total budget - including contingency - in the range of £72 to £78 billion, again in 2015 prices.

Regarding schedule, the Chairman does not believe the current schedule of 2026 for initial services on Phase One is realistic. In line with lessons from other major transport infrastructure projects, his advice proposes a range of dates for the start of service. He recommends 2028 to 2031 for Phase One - with a staged opening, starting with initial services between London Old Oak Common and Birmingham Curzon Street, followed by services to and from London Euston later. He expects Phase 2b, the full high-speed line to Manchester and Leeds, to open between 2035 and 2040."

Chairman's Stocktake

"The programme is facing substantial schedule and cost pressures for a number of reasons. In part, that is a reflection of the scale and complexity of the programme (Redacted). Next, the work we have carried out has revealed that ground conditions are significantly more challenging than predicted. (although much as predicted by the petitioners - Ed) Finally, and in part, early estimates based on comparisons with other international high-speed railways, have for a variety of reasons proven to be overly optimistic."

We find page 22 to be particularly
well argued

Commentary - Stop HS2, more to follow ...