Plans for the AONB

A first view of what is in store for the AONB was provided at the recent (29th October) meeting in Amersham. Illustrations are from the Align-EK presentation, slides 39-42.

You may remember that CPRE (and other 'environmentalists' ) welcomed the HS2 proposals. As nobody could have guessed, the result isn't pretty -

Bowood Lane

Leather Lane

Green Bridges ?

For £10Bn or so, you might expect a footway ...

3.4.2 No Green Bridges are included in the latest HS2 proposals (i.e. all proposed and existing reused bridges are primarily for purposes of vehicle, pedestrian or other access requirements). Whilst green bridges are not included per se in this part of the alignment contractors are to explore any opportunities for greening bridges where appropriate. Deck width and depth are defined within the Act Limits and will be difficult to change. It is suggested that greening proposals work with these parameters.

HS2 Chilterns Enhancement and Integration Plan
Nov 2017

So what happened to the 'Green Corridor' ? Four years of Hybrid Bill sittings, and not even a few metres extra grass for the bunnies to cross the line ...