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Draft ES -
from HS2 Ltd

What did we get, in the AoNB ?

Of the very limited selection of proposed changes that have been noted, only two minor changes to the road layout have been incorporated into the scheme.

Material from Draft Environmental Statement Consultation Summary Report (CT-008-000)

Highway works and realignments

7.4.3 Some stakeholders requested a realignment of the B485 Chesham Road and King’s Lane where it crosses over the South Heath green tunnel to reduce land severance.

7.4.4 The requested realignment has been incorporated into the Proposed Scheme.

7.4.5 Some stakeholders requested a reinstatement of Bacombe Lane over the Wendover green tunnel, rather than a permanent diversion via Ellesborough Road.

7.4.6 The requested reinstatement has been incorporated into the Proposed Scheme.

Rail/highway and land drainage

7.4.21 Concern was expressed regarding the location of balancing ponds and land drainage features as they were shown in the draft ES.

7.4.22 A substantial review of these features has been undertaken since publication of the draft ES which has resulted in a more suitable arrangement of drainage facilities, including the removal of ponds from more sensitive areas. At the detailed design stage, there will be further opportunities to review specific drainage feature and flood compensation locations with individual landowners.

Proposed Scheme alignment

7.4.25 Requests for a general lowering of the alignment, in particular through the Chilterns, past Aylesbury, between Fleet Marston and Sheephouse Wood and past Lower Boddington have been made by a number of stakeholders.

7.4.26 These changes have not been incorporated because it is considered that the Proposed Scheme includes appropriate mitigation for example noise fence barriers and landscape screening. This offers better balance between cost, environmental and construction impacts in these areas.

PRoW (Bridleways and footpaths)

7.4.29 Stakeholders submitted a variety of proposals regarding specific PRoW in this area. Generally, these include requests to widen all footpath and accommodation bridges to a minimum of ten metres to allow them to function as wildlife corridors; suggestions for alternative routes or mitigation of temporary closures; and some specific changes...

7.4.31 Whilst the Proposed Scheme retains most Public Rights of Way (PRoW) that cross the route, a number are realigned or combined with other road or farm crossings of the Proposed Scheme to reduce the visual impact and associated cost of frequent bridge crossings.


7.4.32 Stakeholders stated a preference for locating the Proposed Scheme in a tunnel in various sections of the route –in this area including:

  • an extended bored tunnel under the Colne Valley rather than a viaduct;
  • a long tunnel through the Chilterns AONB;
  • shorter extensions of the Chiltern tunnel past South Heath;
  • enclosure of Wendover Dean viaduct or extended green tunnel south of Ellesborough Road in this same area;

7.4.33 The majority of these requests for tunnels have been received previously, generally during Community Forums and bilateral meetings. These tunnel requests have been considered by HS2 Ltd and it has been determined that whilst the design change would result in some environmental benefits compared to the Proposed Scheme, these could not be justified based on the increased costs and construction impacts that would occur. Alternative mitigation in the form of noise fence barriers and landscape screening has been incorporated into the Proposed Scheme design, where reasonably practicable.

Bridges and structures

7.4.42 Concern was expressed regarding the structure type at the Small Dean viaduct so as to avoid impact on the Chiltern Railway that passes below the Proposed Scheme.

7.4.43 The current design of the Proposed Scheme takes this into account.

7.4.44 A retaining wall to protect Grim's Ditch has been requested.

7.4.45 This is not being included in the Proposed Scheme as the necessary works to construct a wall would result in a similar loss of the ditch. The Proposed Scheme may be able to accommodate additional earthworks and planting to reinforce the feature of Grim’s Ditch within the landscape, as part of the detailed design process.


7.4.46 Various responses were received suggesting that overhead power lines should be located underground for visual benefit and that the adequacy and diversion of utilities needs to be considered and raised with responsible agencies.

7.4.47 HS2 Ltd has been working closely with the various utility companies affected by the Proposed Scheme, particularly National Grid and Western Power whose high voltage overhead power lines need diversion in several locations. Consideration has been given to diverting these underground, however this has not been proposed having taking into account substantial additional associated costs, maintenance requirements and the limited potential environmental benefits that would arise.