Environmental Statement

HS2 released the Environmental Statement as part of the preparation for the Hybrid Bill. Interested parties were invited to comment on the 50,000 line multi-volume 'document' covering different aspects and different areas. Parts were revised when 'Additonal Provisions' (APs) were introduced, each being accompanied by a Supplementary Environmental Statement.

Now comes the difficult bit - ensuring HS2 abide by their promises.


Additional Provisions

See the SES3/AP4 (October 2015) updates, and the index to AP2 documents


Construction works in the AONB - a composite map showing all the works between Little Missenden and Wendover.

Various features (compound names, traffic flows,..) can be turned off. Contact us if you would like to use some variant of the map (or a part of it) to illustrate your petition.


The consultation closed on Thursday 27th February. Responses will 'inform the second reading debate' - the last opportunity for parliament to reject the Hybrid Bill.


Chilterns Conservation Board

Bucks CC Submission

Chiltern Society

Chesham Society (AONB Traffic)

  • Report on Traffic Survey (7-July-2015)
  • Full Document ( Vn 2.3) as submitted;
  • Executive Summary ( as word or pdf ) ; ideal for other organisations to submit, either as a whole, or part of another submission
  • List of demands ( word or pdf ). Attach a copy to an Email; covers all major requests in the previous versions

REPA ( Residents Environmental Protection Association ; Chilterns Tunnel Extension )

Chesham Town Council

Little Missenden PC

Denham etc ( CFA 7 )

Amersham/Chalfont (CFA8) response

Central Chilterns (CFA9) response -

HS2 Ltd Documents


The statement is now published , see the Gov.uk site for a complete list of documents.


Links below are no longer valid; the Phase 1 ES documents may now be found here

Of interest to Chilterns residents are

Community Forum Area Reports ( Vol 2 )

Colne Valley: CFA 07

The Chalfonts and Amersham: CFA 08

Central Chilterns: CFA 09

Dunsmore, Wendover and Halton: CFA 10

Other Stuff

  • Vol 3 - Route Wide effects
  • Vol 5 - draft ES consultation outcome & Summary of Responses
    8.1.1 - Conclusion
    "A great deal of consideration has been given to the comments received and to how these could be addressed; whether through the ES, the draft CoCP or through design development.
    For engineering, environmental or cost reasons it has not been possible to take on board all comments raised."
    See this summary of section 7.4 relating to the Chilterns AoNB
  • Vol 5 - Traffic & Transport -
    see Part6 , table 7.37 p91, for the traffic survey results - where better to hide them ?