Roads, Rights of Way & Tunnels

Tunnel Proposals

CRAG ( tunnel to Wendover )

Extension of a full bored tunnel, beyond Wendover - see Slides ( Images © Chilterns Conservation Board ). Option 1b ( at £1.88bn , net cost + optimism bias/contingency) is the current HS2 working design; option T2 ( £2.07 bn ) is being promoted by CRAG and others. ( A revised version of these documents is expected 'soon' - Jan 2013 )

South Heath Tunnel Extension

The Residents Environmental Protection Association report ( submitted as a response to the Draft ES Consultation )

Safety Considerations

Safety concerns ( in Arup report ) regarding Tunneling through the Chilterns

Roads etc

Composite Chiltern Society footpath map for AoNB -

Planned works - spreadsheets listing footpath & road crossings, sites of construction camps etc, based on Nov 2012 maps -

  • Letter from Douglas Oakervee to Cheryl Gillian, re Frith Hill, Leather Lane closures
  • Proposal to preserve 'Lanes' in the AoNB
  • Construction phase

    The conditions governing the contracts to construct HS2 will presumably be the same all along the line, & set by some higher level body.... but here are some items for consideration -