HS2 Hybrid Bill -
Presentations to the Select Committee

Work in progress !

A collection of material which might be used to illustrate petitioning points .. if you have anything useful we can add, send it ( or a link) to webmaster.

Also, it would be helpful if you can indicate (nearer the time) if you plan to use any of this material, to avoid showing it to the committee more often than is necessary...

AONB construction map
Composite of the HS2 maps for the AONB - see this page.

Powerpoint presentations

Below are some presentations, using HS2 maps, Aerial and other photographs. The powerpoint template is available here.

AONB roads ( & lanes)

Brief description of each affected road in the AONB - .pptx or .pdf  

                Slide      Subject
                3,4          A413
                5,6          Rocky Lane
                7,8          Bowood Lane
                9,10        Leather Lane
                11,12     Potter Row
                13-16     South Heath
                17,18     Frith Hill
                19,20     B485
                21,22     Hyde Lane
                23,24     Hyde Heath Road
                25           S.Heath – N.Portal access
                26,27     Chilterns Tunnel – N Portal Access

To Do - Spoil Dump, Hunts Green ?

Not clear if this should be a single presentation, or used to introduce various petitions; depends how the petitions are grouped ?

Vent Shafts

All four - .pptx or .pdf ; Needs some photos of Chalfont St Peter.

Slide      Subject
3,4          Little Missenden
5,6          Amersham
7,8          Chalfont St Giles
9,10        Chalfont St Peter

Ancient Woodlands

... and Grim's Ditch - .pptx or .pdf

Slide      Subject
3              Where are they
4              Mantles & Farthings Wood
5              Mantles Wood
6              Farthings Wood
7,8          Sibley’s Coppice
9,10        Jenkins and Havenfield Woods
11,12     Jones’ Hill Wood
13,14     Grim’s Ditch

Bucks CC - Presentations, Dec 2014

Shown at the December meetings - all .pdf files