Our display at the Amersham Carnival

Welcome to HS2 Amersham Action Group

HS2 Amersham Action Group is a community group formed by local people strongly opposed to the Government’s proposal to build the HS2 railway from London to Birmingham, then onwards to Manchester and Leeds, at a minimum cost of £50,000,000,000 .

We are campaign locally and nationally to Stop HS2.   The case against HS2 is overwhelming.  Expert opinion, and experience of high speed rail in other countries, has exposed the claims made for HS2 as ‘myths’.  There is clear evidence that the business case and environmental case for HS2 simply do not add up.       

The local impact of HS2 will be immense. Phase One cuts right through the heart of Buckinghamshire and the Chilterns.  For all of us in this area, the construction will bring years of major disruption to our countryside, communities and roads.  By the time HS2 is finished, some of the loveliest stretches of the Chiltern countryside will be lost for ever.  Some of our communities will literally be torn apart.

While maintaining our objections to the principe of HS2, we are also campaigning for improved mitigation measures throughout the AONB, and in particular for an extension of the Chilterns Tunnel so that the line remains underground throughout the AONB. We will petition for this and other mitigation measures at the select committee hearings held to hear objections to the hybrid bill.

Our group has been active in raising money to fund several legal actions seeking to halt the project, and has contributed towards HS2 campaign stands at party conferences. Please help by donating money, and by supporting our fundraising events !