Route Wide issues

Presentations to the Hybrid Bill Committee - Route Wide issues - 1st - 4th February 2016

Monday 1st February

1591 - HS2 Action Alliance

Transcript Organisation Slides
01-Feb-2016 HS2 Action Alliance - Mr McCraken QC A2068
p39 Piers Connor (Rail) A2068(15)
p51 Kieron Gayler (Noise) A2068(22)
p57 Philip Branchflower (Air Quality) A2068(27)
p64 Julie Gartside () A2068(68)
p77 Colin Pill (Landscape Assessment) A2068(38)
p88 Jo Treweek (Ecology) A2068(48)
p101 Jonathan Berry (Arboriculture) A2068(59)
p107 Nigel Cronin (Waste Management) A2068(80)
p112 Mr Strachan QC(HS2 Ltd Response) P5663

Tuesday 2nd Feb

1351 - Campaign to Protect Rural England

Transcript Organisation Slides
02-Feb-2016 1-78 CPRE - Ralph Smyth A1925
02-Feb-2016 79-185 Mr Strachan QC(HS2 Ltd Response) P14180

Wednesday 3rd Feb

1508, 66 (AP2), 182 (AP4) The Woodland Trust - Report on their presentation

2 (AP4) Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust

Transcript Organisation Slides
03-Feb-2016 306-390 The Woodland Trust - Reuben Taylor QC,
Richard Barnes - Evidence
03-Feb-2016 391-487 Mr Strachan QC(HS2 Ltd Response) P15815
03-Feb-2016 172-215 BBOWT - Mr Jackson A2100
03-Feb-2016 217-266 Mr Strachan QC(HS2 Ltd Response)  

Thursday 4th Feb

1611 - Stop HS2

Transcript Organisation Slides
04-Feb-2016 288-381 Stop HS2 - Joe Rukin A2106