South Heath Cutting -
Schedule 17

Works Masterplan ( full size )

Submission for works between the Tunnel Portal to (just before) Leather Lane.

Leather Lane

The ommission of the Leather Lane overbridge leaves open the possibility of constructing the new overbridge on the North side, as advocated by save our Lanes.
" Area within cloud subject to further design development and will be subject to a separate Schedule 17 application" - see Retained/Removed vegetation sheet.

General Description


Site Location plan -
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Landscape Context plan - Landscape Characteristic Areas
Existing and Retained Vegetation - count the missing hedgerows
Proposed Landform (Contour Maps) - Sheet1, Sheet2
Drainage -
Sheet1, Sheet2
Environmental Masterplan,
Sheet1, Sheet2 - planting etc
Planting - Hedgerows,
Sheet1, Sheet2
Planting - Grassland,
Sheet1, Sheet2