FOI requests

Tunnel Safety - 18-2188, 19-3090, 20-01429

Requests relating to the safety of the proposed Chilterns Tunnel, and in particular the procedures for train evacuation in an emergency

Chiltern Tunnel - Approval

Why would the EA approve the Chiltern Tunnel ? Soon, we may find out ...

Grims Ditch

What surveys were made, before the woodland was felled ?

Shardeloes Lake

Pollution Incident, May 2020 (Must be off topic ? Nothing to do with HS2, obvs)

A413, A4010 & LTMP

Who decided to drop the A4010 lorry route, and why was there no consultation ?

CCTV Surveillance

Envision ignore GDPR, FoI legislation

Sarah Green vs HS2, ICO - judgement