Presentations to the
Hybrid Bill Committee

The select committee sessions between 13th and 21st July (2015) were held to hear petitions requesting various Chilterns tunnel requests. This page will provide an index to as much material as is available, in due course.

Monday 13th July

Petitions 416 (Chilterns DC), 415 (Chilterns Conservation Board), 520 (Bucks CC) and 521 (Aylesbury Vale DC)

Topic Speaker Slides
Introduction Mr Straker QC Introduction
A Chilterns Long Tunnel Mr Ray Payne A1178
Engineering & Environmental Aspects Mr Bruce Blane A1179
Socio-Economic Costs Mr Paul McCartney A1180
The Landscape Case Mrs Bettina Kirkham A1181-86
Cultural Heritage Ms Catherine Murray A1187-89

Tuesday 14th July

Petition 761, The Chiltern Society

Petitions 106 (Halton PC), 1512 (Wendover PC), 605 (Wendover Society) and 83 (Wendover Stop HS2)

Topic Speaker Slides
Chiltern Society Presentation Mr John Gladwin A1194
Cross-examination Mr Tim Smart P7452
Impacts on Wendover Mr Duggan, Mr Thompson, Mr Walsh, Mr McCaul A1211
Agriculture, Noise Mrs Gray, Mr Summers A1212
Hydrogeology Mr Johnson A1213
Wendover Cut & Cover extension Mr Thompson A1214
Wendover Economics Mr Peterson, Dr Savin A1214, P7497

Wednesday 15th July

Petitions 416 (Chilterns DC), 415 (Chilterns Conservation Board), 520 (Bucks CC) and 521 (Aylesbury Vale DC)

Topic Speaker Slides
Contents, Colne Valley announcement Mr Syms  
Protection of the AONB, and Cross Examination Ms K Daly A1190
Cross Examination   (Mr Mould),
Cross Examination  (Mr Straker)
Mr Miller (for HS2)  
Cross Examination  (Mr Straker) Mr Smart (for HS2)  
Additional Mitigation and Summing Up Mr Straker ( for the Petitioners) A1221

Monday 20th July

Petitions 1618 (National Trust), 1288 (The Chiltern Countryside Group),
1285 & 1310 (Chiltern Ridges HS2 Action Group, Conserve the Chilterns and Countryside )

Topic Speaker Slides
Introduction & National Trust Statement Mr A Lewis  
Chiltern Countryside Group Ms S Yeomans A1225
Chiltern Ridges Action Group with
Conserve the Chilterns and Countryside
Introduction A1228
Design and Cost of T3i Mr B Usborne A1228
Economic Impact review (SQW report)
and Cross-Examinations
Mr R Hindle A1228
Summary of the T3i Case Mr S Morris A1228, A1237
Summing Up Mr Kingston ( for the Petitioners)  

Tuesday 21st July

Petition 1809 (The Residents Environmental Protection Association )

Topic Speaker Slides
REPA Ms Wharf A1238
Hyde End, South Heath, Potter Row Ms Brown, Dr Hook, Ms Manton A1238
Noise, Health, Safety Ms Wharf, Mr Griffiths A1238
Tunneling Mr Ring, Mr Craig A1238
Civil Engineering, Costs Mr Bridger A1238
Summary Ms Wharf A1238
Cross-Examination ( by Mr Strachan) Mr Smart (for HS2)  
( by Mr Strachan, Mr Griffiths, Ms Wharf)
Mr Smart (for HS2) A1239 etc
( by Mr Mould, Ms Wharf, Mr Griffiths )
Mr Miller (for HS2) P7416, A1257
Summary and
Statement from the Chair (p52)
Mr Mould (p48),
Ms Wharf (p51)